Luxurious Kitchen Remodeling in Kansas City

Kitchen Remodeling in Kansas City by the All-in-One Home Improvement Experts

At Gold Heart Homes, we make the process of renovating and altering your kitchen design, style, and the overall feel stress-free.

At Gold Heart Homes, we believe in offering an impeccable stress-free experience when it comes to renovations, alterations, and modern kitchen design solutions. No matter you are interested in complete remodeling of your kitchen or replacing your fixtures and countertops, we have a solution for you.

We have strategic alliances with different granite companies to design impeccable countertops, flooring, and backsplashes at extremely reasonable prices. We can also refurbish your existing cabinets or make new ones from scratch as desired. Thus, our end goal is to make your dream kitchen a reality. For home improvement projects, kitchen remodeling has the highest ROI potential.

Our company will not only create a functional kitchen for you to prep your meals but also design an aesthetically appealing space for your special occasions.

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Any Service in Kitchen Remodeling for Customers

Exclusive Kitchen Remodeling in Kansas City Selections

Gold Heart Homes can cater to all your Kansas City kitchen remodeling needs including:

  • Cabinets, Drawers, and Hardware – We can add new custom cabinets and drawers or refurbish the old ones as per your storage needs.
  • Countertops – we use materials like Granite, natural stone, laminate, slate, concrete, ceramic tile, wood, stainless solid surface, steel, Corian,
  • Backsplashes – Granite, Ceramic tile, stone, and glass
  • Flooring –hardwood, bamboo, tile, vinyl, heated flooring, cork
  • And more.
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Kitchen Renovations - Restore Your Cooking Space!

Did you love your kitchen when you first moved in? Now that you've been there for several years, it just doesn't seem to have the same appeal anymore. It happens, and that's what our top-notch kitchen renovation services are for. We will repaint, recover, and repair whatever has faded away to make it look brand new again.

Our talented home renovation contractors walk you through every idea we have to make sure we agree on what's best for your new kitchen design.

Check out our blog for some helpful information on home improvements, then call us to meet with our knowledgeable staff.

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Kitchen Design by Kansas City's Most Creative Specialists

Plenty of the homeowners that we partner up with don't know exactly what they want for their new kitchen design in Kansas City. That's great because that's what we're passionate about! We take what you tell us verbally and create a new plan for your kitchen that goes above and beyond what you ever thought possible.

We will continue to make changes and adaptations alongside you until you're 100% delighted with the plan. Nothing moves forward without your approval. 

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Limited Funds? We Do Budget Kitchen Remodels! 

You've been saving every penny, but you still don't think you have enough for the interior remodeling work you have been aiming towards. We do budget kitchen remodels that aren't quite as expensive but still produce the same elegance and luxury as a full kitchen remodeling service.

The products we utilize are priced at various points so that everyone can get what they want and what's reasonable in terms of cost. We won't force you into something that's outside your limitations.

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Small Kitchen Remodels in Kansas City That Free Up Room

Are you sick of running into everyone in your small kitchen? Is there barely enough room to turn around, much less cook? We can design a small kitchen remodel that frees up some of that unused space. Even though you're not gaining any physical square footage, we're putting to use what's already there.

Our contractors are capable of moving walls, cabinets, and other features to where they are still efficient, but you have more space to walk around.

Interested? Let's talk about your options today. We have financing available.

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Kitchen Island Remodels For Workspace or Gathering

Did your kitchen come with a kitchen island when you purchased it? Maybe you had one installed later on. In either case, kitchen island remodeling is often required after a few years because this is a feature that gets used A LOT. It may be a food prep area, or your kids sit around it to eat while you do the cooking and cleaning.

Our kitchen island remodels give this part of the kitchen the functionality they're meant to have. We can install new cupboards or cabinets, change the color, or customize your island in whatever way you want.

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Kitchen Flooring

Your kitchen flooring in Kansas City is arguably the most crucial part of the room. It likely gets a ton of foot traffic, so you need something that's going to be dependable and durable under all that action. We will let you know the specifics about laminate, tile, ceramic, marble, wood, and more.

Kitchen Cabinets

The thought of new kitchen cabinets is often enough to shy any homeowner away from calling a professional. This is one of the larger home improvement projects, and the price reflects that. If you don't want all brand new cabinets, ask about our refacing, refinishing, and restoring alternatives.

Kitchen Countertops

Are you envious of your friend's new kitchen countertops? Do they look like something so elegant and sumptuous that you'll never be able to afford them? We can make it possible for you. We have countertop installation options in granite, quartz, wood, laminate, concrete, and more that are top of the line.

Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes continue to rise in popularity, which means so do the styles and material types manufactured. A kitchen backsplash protects the walls from spills and splashes, plus it looks gorgeous! You can't really fail with a new glass tile, mosaic, wood, mirror, brick, or ceramic tile backsplash. Call today for yours!


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Proudly Traveling Throughout Our Kansas City Service Areas

We're a locally owned and operated home remodeling company with an expansive Kansas City service area. We currently work in and around several Kansas City and Missouri locations, including Independence, Lee's Summit, Overland Park, Shawnee, Olathe, Lenexa, Liberty, and more. If you're in the general vicinity, give us a call to set up your in-home assessment.

Your One-Stop Full Remodeling Company in Kansas City.

Improve the look, value, and comfort with full-scale interior home remodeling and exterior renovation services provided by the #1 home remodeling contractors at Gold Heart Homes. Call us at (913) 379-2423
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