Bathroom Remodeling in Kansas City Transforms Your Space Into an Oasis

Create an Oasis with Bathroom Remodeling in Kansas City

Gold Heart Homes is instrumental in providing high quality, luxury style, bathroom remodeling at a reasonable cost.

Gold Heart Homes is known in the industry for offering patrons with luxury style, high end, and bathroom remodeling services at an extremely pocket-friendly cost. To start off with bathroom remodeling, we rip off the shower, water closet, flooring, cabinets and vanity that are replaced with new custom components that are suited for the allocated space. We can also expand the square footage of the bathroom by moving walls as per your specifications.

At Gold Heart Homes, we are extremely careful about the tile work in all our bathrooms. We have designed custom showers that enhance the beauty of your bathrooms. Alongside, we have a team of professional cabinet makers to craft vanities of any style and shape for a personalized touch.

No matter what your needs are, we can build the bathrooms of your dreams. When it comes to bathroom remodeling, the existing systems are torn apart to give the desired look. From plumbing, replacing structures, redoing tiles, tubs, and sinks – we do it all. All in all, we give your bathrooms a complete makeover. Our remodeling consultants have in-depth knowledge of what will best suffice your need. Similarly, we also have a sound understanding of what materials to purchase for your remodeled bathroom.

We give utmost precedence to all Kansas City home remodeling jobs we undertake and have a no shortcuts policy. Thus, all our clients get unparalleled craftsmanship and importance.

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Our Bath Remodels Services Can't Be Outdone

Bathroom Design in Kansas City by Creative Remodeling Specialists

Have you been thinking about a new bathroom design? There are many options, almost limitless, regarding what we can do to change up your space. We have a wide assortment of everything you'll need to replace a few features or completely reinvent the area.

Our design crew will walk you through every part of the planning, including whether or not moving walls will benefit the final look and feel of your new bathroom.

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Bathroom Renovations That Bring Your Space Back to New Condition

A bathroom renovation in KC is sometimes all it takes to get your bathroom area in a more comfortable and inviting state. Maybe it's a few years outdated, and it needs a fresh coat of paint and some cabinet refinishing. You'd be surprised what these small changes can do to make a big difference!

We use top materials and products produced by trusted manufacturers.

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Shower Remodels & Installations by Qualified Home Contractors

Are you ready for a shower remodel in Kansas City that gives you more room to move about? With all the possibilities out there for shower remodeling, you can start enjoying your shower again instead of thinking about it as another job you have to tackle.

We have certified shower installers on our staff. Relax, knowing that your entire assembly is put in correctly for long-lasting functionality.

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shower remodel with shower enclosure installation in Kansas City
finished tub to shower conversion in Kansas City

Tub to Shower Conversion - Are You Looking for More Space?

There are times when we do tub to shower conversions in Kansas City for homeowners looking to create more usable space in the bathroom itself. It's a complex process to make sure everything is transferred, installed, and lined up appropriately. You won't know there was ever a shower before the tub when we do the work.

Our six-step design methods guarantee that you get what you're expecting, and we execute the job precisely how it's meant to be done.

We're fully licensed and insured, and we take care of all accidents, injuries, or other damages that rarely occur. It is always a risk-free opportunity working with Gold Heart Homes.

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Tile Installation & Replacement at Competitive Rates

Has your tile seen better days? Sometimes, no matter how much you scrub and clean outdated tiles, there's just no way that you'll ever get them shining like they used to. We have gorgeous, durable, and affordable tile replacement and tile installation that will keep you from grimacing at those old, broken, and damaged tiles ever again.

Let us know your budget, and we will find something that fits. We also have special financing options available, so you can get your tile installation today!

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modern bathroom remodel with marble features in Kansas City

Modern Bathroom Remodels in Kansas City Boost Value

Modern bathroom remodels in Kansas City are among the most common services we perform, especially for those looking to put their homes back on the market. It's often a room that gets overlooked when making home improvements, so the features and style found in the space look a little outdated compared to the rest of the house.

After we produce a luxurious modern bathroom remodel, you can have your house reappraised. You'll be shocked at how much it boosts the value! That means more money in your pocket and something else to draw in potential buyers.

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Jacuzzi Bath Remodels

Looking to add a little spice to your bathroom? We can give you the jacuzzi bath remodel that you've been dreaming of for years! After a long hard day at work, kick back and relax in your new jacuzzi bathtub surrounded by all-new advanced features. An in-home estimate scheduled today will get you your new tub sooner rather than later. What are you waiting for? Call now!

Walk-In Tubs

Sometimes, situations arise, and using a walk-in tub is necessary to make this part of your day, or someone's that you love, a little more manageable. Walk-in tubs are one of our specialties when it comes to bath remodels in Kansas City. Show us your space, and we will give you a long list of options to choose from. The final tub installation decision is yours, and we keep you informed all along the way.

Budget Remodels

Are you looking for a bathroom budget remodel? We have so many features that can be installed at fair prices. We guarantee you'll find something that you love. You will have your own personal design team consultant who will help walk you through every aspect of your new bathroom, including discussing prices and timeframe for completion. With us, there are no surprises!

Small Bath Remodels

Small bath remodels are a job that we perform that allows us to give you the same exquisite bathroom in a smaller space for a lower price. Just because your bathroom is tight doesn't mean you can't enjoy it to the fullest. We help make it happen.

Master Bath Remodels

You purchased a home with a master bathroom because of the convenience and luxury associated with having your own space separate from the rest of the house. Is it time to freshen it up? We do master bath remodels like nobody else.

Half Bath Remodels

Do you have company coming for a visit, and now you need to get your half bath updated before their arrival? We can get your project completed quickly, including everything from flooring and tiles to plumbing and electricity.

Bathroom Countertops

The bathroom countertop you put in at your residence can make all the difference to the room's overall ambiance. Come and check out our showroom to see the variety of options we have ready to be installed.

Bathroom Flooring

The bathroom flooring sees a lot of foot traffic. You might start noticing breaks, dents, chips, or other problem areas that you can't simply cover up anymore. Let us find you something that will have you walking around barefoot again.

Bathroom Cabinets

The moisture in your bathroom causes your bathroom cabinets to weaken, or mold and mildew frequently take over in the damp environment. We can resurface, refinish, or replace your bathroom cabinets for more durable storage spaces.


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