Gorgeous Options for Cabinets in Kansas City

New Cabinets in Kansas City Do More

Have you seen what a difference cabinets can make to the overall look and feel of your space?

Its often said, ‘east to west home is best.’ We all strive to create a unique living space that we would love to call home. This includes getting new decors and remodeling some spaces. Amidst all the interior designs and decors are the cabinets. Depending on the design you go for, cabinets bring out the character of your living space. As such, restoring your old cabinets or getting new ones is always a noble idea.

If you have cabinets already don’t worry. We can easily match the same color stain to refinish your cabinets and keep them looking as they were.

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new kitchen cabinet installation in Kansas City

Cabinet Design in Kansas City for Every Demand

Here are other reasons why you should consider new cabinets or cabinet restoration;

  • Creating more storage: Conventional cabinet designs didn’t often go for larger storage designs. However, with a restoration or a new installation, you can have the extra storage you need in your cabinets.
  • Structural damage: Cabinets can last a generation; however, they too face gradual depreciation over time. As such, you may notice some mold on your cabinet, or the cabinet doors do not open or close well. In such cases, consider new cabinet installations to replace the old ones.
  • New convenient cabinet redesigns: On each passing day new and exciting cabinet designs are hitting the market. Installing these new designs will not only afford you more convenience in your home but also elevate your home’s comfort.
  • To spruce up your interior: Old cabinets sometimes look untidy and rigid. It’s hard incorporating new interior designs with the old cabinets in place. Having new cabinets or restoring the old ones, tidies up your interior and affords you the opportunity to incorporate new design ideas.

Getting new cabinets or restoring the old ones could be the difference between your current space and your dream space. At face value, cabinets may seem like basic home accessories, but restoration could transform your home’s interior by a margin.

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new cabinet design finished in Kansas City
refaced kitchen cabintets in Kansas City

Cabinet Refacing for Kansas City's Outdated & Damaged Features

Have you heard about cabinet refacing in Kansas City? It's a quick and easy way to make your existing cabinets look like they were just installed. Our contractors will completely refresh what you have with wood veneer or laminate, add new fixtures, and install new doors and hinges. You will forget what your old cabinets even looked like!

If your cabinets are in strong structural condition, refacing them may just be your most suitable option. It's lower-priced, and it keeps you from tossing out something that's in excellent shape. Call today to learn more about the benefits of this incredible service.

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Cabinet Refinishing Brings Them Back to Life!

Cabinet refinishing in Kansas City is even more affordable than refacing. On average, you can expect the cost of cabinet refinishing to range between $1,700 and $4,000, depending on what type of cabinets you have and how many. We can give you an exact price when you set up a free consultation.

It's the preferred option for those looking for improved cabinets without the hefty price tag and more extensive labor required. Decide between a stain, varnish, paint, shellac, or lacquer when you work with our creative crew.

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refinished cabinets in Kansas City
custom kitchen cabinets designs in Kansas City

Custom Cabinets in Kansas City for a Unique Appearance

Custom cabinets in Kansas City is a project that not every home remodeling company is capable of doing. You have to find one like us to guarantee your designs and ideas can but put in motion by a group of talented contractors. Gold Heart Homes has who you're looking for.

We will develop a custom cabinet design that goes far beyond what you've ever thought you could do in your kitchen, bathroom, or other openings where you want cabinet installation.

We're locally owned and operated, and we give you the personal attention you deserve.

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Fast Cabinet Remodels That Are Affordable

When you're ready to commit to a cabinet remodel in Kansas City, you want the project to go quickly but still be done without imperfections. Our cabinet remodeling contractors have the tools, equipment, materials, and knowledge necessary to recreate your cabinets in a way that's most fitting to the room they're in.

You'll be amazed at what a difference a fast cabinet makeover can make. After we're through, you'll want to work with us again for flooring, interior painting, and other services that create an entirely new and improved place to enjoy in your home.

Call now to get started.

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oak cabinet remodel in Kansas City kitchen
new cabinet replacement for Kansas City home by Gold Heart Homes

Cabinet Replacement in Kansas City - Is it Time?

Gold Heart Homes will be honest and fair if cabinet replacement in Kansas City is where you should be investing your money. We won't tell you it's practical just so that you spend more of your hard-earned cash. However, sometimes replacement of worn, damaged, and outdated cabinets is the next step. We help get you through it.

The cabinet manufacturers that we get our supplies from are the most reputable in the world, and you'll notice why when you see the quality of the materials. A warranty from the manufacturer covers your cabinets, and we provide additional coverage against defects as a result of our labor.

Learn the details when you call our crew at your convenience.

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